640L Foodgrade and 1,000L Foodgrade on Plastic Pallets Stockist

PurePac has long prided themselves on being a true IBC stockist, our warehouse has them stacked to the rafters.

We hold many different models, 1.6s standard, MX-EX, SX-EX and standard Foodgrade on metal pallets to name a few. We have recently added some more specialist models to the stocklist to include 640L Foodgrade and 1,000L Foodgrade on Plastic Pallets.

It really is quite surprising how all these different models of IBCs move at such speed out of the warehouse.

The benefit of actually having stock means if one of our customers receives a last-minute order or they have to increase their production without notice, they know they can depend on PurePac for instance stock availability.

PurePac will deliver the very next day and in fact if one of the PurePac fleet is available we will even look to deliver on the very same day. We will literally do everything we can to assist our customers with their operations.

If you need instant IBC stock or just have an enquiry regarding 640L Foodgrade or 1,000L Foodgrade on Plastic Pallets, give the PurePac team a call today.





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