A few kind words can go a long way, particularly at the moment

Gosh, what a change in the weather since my last post, when our vehicles were parked up basking in clear blue skies and our warehouse and logistics teams were heading home early to spend a warm sunny evening in their gardens!

Even though it’s cloudy and we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, I feel positive and upbeat. That’s because I have been reviewing some of the glowing customer feedback we have received during lockdown. I’ve quoted a couple of the really good ones below 😉

One of these was received via Google and the other two were sent directly to our admin team on email. We don’t currently have an automated review and rating system, albeit we are about to launch one…..exciting 🙂 At the moment it takes a concerted effort for anyone to go out of their way to post a review or send a specific email. Especially if their inbox is anything like mine, constantly being bombarded with new emails!

Do you regularly or rarely provide feedback on products and services? What is it that triggers you to think ‘I really must provide a customer review?’ I am keen to hear your thoughts.





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