All hail the office dog. What’s helping to keep you sane?

As we head into the second half of 2021, I’ve been reflecting on how challenging the first six months of the year have been. I’ve said many times before, price increases, stock shortages, manufacturing production outages and issues with transport have been relentless. At times I’ve felt the strain, particularly when it comes to ensuring that we continue to deliver for our customers and never let them down.

Throughout these volatile times, my trusty office companion has always been by my side. I am sure she knows when I am particularly stressed, as she always seems to jump up asking for some attention when I need a break. I always take a minute to give her some fuss and immediately feel better, clarity restored. I do believe owning a fluffy pooch helps to combat stress and I benefit from having her in the office with me. Here she is now just arriving for another full-on working day!

What’s your remedy when you need a break from work? Is yours a pet? Regardless, I’d love to see a pic!





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