Almost famous – Sheriffs and IBCs

At the beach, on boats, in shop windows, bars, restaurants, film sets and outdoor cinemas… If you know me, you’ll be aware I find it hard to contain my inner packaging geek, always managing to spot containers in all manner of places. The thing is, IBCs are everywhere – used as tables, lights, plant pots, showers, rabbit hutches and even hot tubs. You just have to be an enthusiast like me to spot them…

So when I was watching the ‘The Sheriffs are Coming’  this week, I wasn’t expecting my spotter’s notepad to be called upon. To my surprise not only do I see an entire wall of IBCs, I then realised the wall in question is in one of PurePac’s yards. This took my IBC spotting to a whole new level of excitement, PurePac (nearly) made it on TV!

It’s just a shame I couldn’t spot a PurePac logo or vehicle, but I guess we were on the BBC – no advertising permitted!

A little footnote – PurePac had no association with the company featured in the programme.





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