And we’re in!

Phew, what a week. We’ve finally moved into our new warehouse; it’s been a big effort but it’s a relief too. At the beginning of the year, we literally ran out of storage space, we’ve had weeks of warehouse ‘Tetris’, wondering ‘where are we going to put this?’ There’s been stock stored in spare trailers and we’ve even had short term storage with local businesses, we had stock dotted everywhere.

Our third warehouse is going to be dedicated to specialist packaging like these 30L Mauser Dual Cert kegs (UN approved for solids and liquids), as well as our foodgrade IBCs and of course our high performance CurTec packaging. We have so much room we can even back a full articulated vehicle into the building to complete the loading and unloading whilst fully undercover and away from the elements, especially handy this week!

I look at these photographs and think, look at all this space we are never going to fill it, but you know what, I bet we ‘grow into it’ and of course – I hope we do!





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