Are Fuel Supplies Stabilising?

Not if everyone follows this guy’s example…

Whilst driving on the M1 yesterday, there continued to be queues at the three service stations I passed. According to London Reuters, lengthy queues were forming outside fuel stations from 06:00 in north London and on the M25 orbital motorway circling the capital, along with warning signs stating “no fuel” was available at some sites.

Fortunately, PurePac has onsite fuel supplies which are regularly topped up by Barton Petroleum and we also operate electric FLTs. However, some of our customers have been struggling; those operating on multiple locations have found they can’t get fuel into some sites.

To remedy this, they’re purchasing IBCs to share/move fuel between company sites. Many hauliers and the pallet networks are like us, they have onsite fuel bunkers. But unfortunately, during the last two weeks, their fuel deliveries have been delayed. This has forced them to use fuel stations, causing major operational issues to themselves and their customers.

Let’s hope this situation stabilises very soon. What are your thoughts, how have you been impacted? Or maybe you haven’t been impacted at all. I’m keen to know.

PS. Apologies for the quality of the pic, it was sent to me anonymously….. 😀





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