As Good as New….Reconditioned IBCs and Steel Drums

Yesterday was another glorious sunny day and we had stacks of Reconditioned IBCs on metal pallets lined up for shipping.  We’ve got so many going out, the staff parking seems to have disappeared!!   Luckily I was in early and bagged myself a parking spot before an IBC did.

One of the reasons PurePac’s Reconditioned IBCs are so popular is due to our high standards and great quality.  To the extent, some of our customers cannot visually tell them apart from brand new IBCs.

We also had a few pallets of Reconditioned 200L Open Top Steel Drum heading out too.  Let’s hope the team can get the PurePac fleet loaded and free up some parking spaces before the office guys arrive!

As you can see October is looking pretty busy at PurePac, so if you need some extra Reconditioned IBCs or Steel Drums get in touch.





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