Back To The Past. Back To Normal?

You might already be aware, but PurePac worked through the lockdown. This is purely down to the sectors we work within, for which I feel truly fortunate and grateful.

As we work closely with a whole range of food, drinks, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers, most of our customers stayed operational too. Many of our customers provide essential goods for day-to-day living and even things like life-saving drugs, meaning they had to stay operational to keep the country running.

During lockdown, we were contacted by many new companies looking to secure packaging they had not previously purchased. During this time our top selling products changed quite significantly.

Top of the new list was anti-static and/or conductive IBCS and then the smaller size jerrycans in 1L, 2L and 5L. We sell many of these, however, not to the levels we experienced over the last 6 months.

Now we have settled back into our typical buying and selling patterns our fast movers have reverted to the staple favourites the standard and foodgrade 1,000L IBCs.

I’m a person who embraces change. However, on this occasion, I’m very happy to see our business slowly going back to where we were before. It gives me hope that perhaps our daily lives will mirror that and we’ll be free of fear and restraints as in the past. Ever the optimist! 





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