“Be Prepared” is something we can all learn from the Boy Scouts

With Christmas fast approaching, supply chains across many sectors are straining to keep up with demand. Better preparation and adapting by using new systems and working practices are a couple of ways to manage the challenging market conditions.

Many of our customers continue to report stock shortages, excessively long lead times and order delays. Some customers are also still experiencing shipping container or port issues.  Within the packaging sector, IBC manufacturers continue to work on 6–8 week lead times and our jerrycan manufacturers are working on anything between 4-10 weeks, depending on the grade of polymer and size of the product you are looking for. This is a contrast to the days when an order could be serviced within 5-7 days.

Demand for all packaging continues to be at an all-time high and industry experts believe the current market factors will not stablise until next summer. In the meantime, PurePac is pressing on with developing new software to support us in our procurement and sales activities. We believe that the more data we have the more prepared we will be. We’re also working closely with our customers and suppliers to flag any potential problems before they arise. We know that like the Boy Scouts, we must be prepared’.

With only six weeks to go until we break for Christmas, on this bright November day we see our second pallet network vehicle being filled to the brim with outgoing customer packaging. So, it appears many of our customers are preparing earlier than usual – how are you doing with your pre-Christmas planning?  





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