Covid -19 + Brexit = Double whammy

The sun was shining on our fifth full articulated delivery this morning. Instead of my usual IBC photos, today we have a mixed load of plastic kegs and tightheads. The open tops with red lids being one of my favourites, they are uniquely dual UN certificated for both liquids and solids.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen our customers’ ordering pace and levels increasing at a significant rate. Some remain Covid-19 related, however, now we are seeing customers yet again making preparations for Brexit. Of course, this time it is the real thing and with two Brexit preparations under our belts, we feel more confident in managing the speed at which packaging is coming in and going out of our warehouses.

I appreciate this is industry-specific, but are you seeing any impact of the impending Brexit or are you still dealing with mainly Covid-19 issues? Whilst thinking on this question – what a year it’s been for us all. We simply couldn’t have thought it up, let alone planned for it!





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