CurTec Click Pack Proving to be a Clicking Hit

Since PurePac’s launch as a strategic partner for the CurTec high performance packaging range, we were really intrigued to find out which product was going to draw the most interest from our customer base.

We have since found the Click Pack range is very much clicking with our customers!

This UN certified container comes with a unique screw lid which clicks into place, ensuring you know when the lid is fully secure, which in turns reduces operator handling time.  There are plenty of other things to love about the range too:

•   Quarter-turn screw lid saves handling time

•   Low moisture vapour transmission

•   UN certified (1H2) for solids

•   Food safe

•   Tamper evident

•   Sustainable reusable

•   Conical design saves storage and empty packaging shipping costs

•   Available in 6L,  10L,  15L,  20L and 25L

With so many great features it is no wonder the Click Pack range has clicked with our customers.

If your pharmaceutical, speciality chemicals or food ingredient products would benefit from the CurTec Click Pack range,  give the PurePac team a call today to discuss your requirements.

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