Don’t you find the best solutions are often simple ones? Just like – the CurTec Lid Locker Base Stabiliser

CurTec Lid Locker Base Stabiliser

We’ve been working with a pharmaceutical manufacturer this week, they are using the CurTec Click Pack pail with an easy quarter turn open/close lid.

These pails are fantastic and very easy to handle. However, depending on the surface your operators are working with, you might find the pail slips or even dances about a little, as demonstrated in the CurTec video.

Filling on a smooth, shiny surface like a workbench or floor means there is little, to no grip, between the base of the pail/drum and the surface it is sitting on. When you need both hands on the pail/drum, you might find the pail/drum starts spinning around at the same time you are turning the lid – I bet most of us have experienced this in day to day life at home?

We can normally get around this at home when trying to open our honey or jam jars, just put a tea towel underneath it – job done! But when you are opening and closing containers all day long you need more than a tea towel to come to your assistance.

That’s when this cool, neat piece of kit, CurTec call the Lid Locker Base Stabiliser comes to the rescue.

It is so simple but ingenious, all at the same time. It provides a surface which effectively holds the pail/drum in place, ensuring there is no movement of the pail/drum whilst opening or closing the lid.

The Lid Locker Base Stabiliser is available in various sizes and can be fixed to an existing surface or used unsecured, giving your operatives the flexibility of moving around different work stations.

Let us know if you need a better grip on your pail/drums?





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