Does your workplace welcome dogs?

Would you like to bring your dog to work?

Last week, as my daughter headed back to school, my pooch came back to work with me. My dog hasn’t been in the office for a while, as she’s been housebound with an injured back. After a visit to the animal hospital in Birmingham, we’re waiting to see if she needs a scan and possibly surgery. So, she’s currently taking some office rest rather than house rest…as you can see, she is happy lounging around in her bed at work – if only!

I’m so happy to have my four-legged companion back. I missed having my dog in the office, and I feel it’s beneficial for my mental health to have her here.

The UK’s dog population rose by *10% during the pandemic. With many people returning to offices, pet-friendly policies are likely to become a bigger employee perk.

What’s your policy on office dogs? Do you allow them?

*Office of National Statistics.





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