Finally, the packaging geek flies again…

After 25 months and numerous times rearranging her holidays, our Accounts Manager Lynne finally managed to fly off to enjoy the Madeira sun.

Madeira is renowned for its landscapes, gardens, flowers and tropical climate. The island’s terrain is very mountainous with many trails, pathways and the levadas (man-made water channels) which are all accessible and suitable for all types of walkers. So, whilst Lynne was on her travels sightseeing, her packaging geek came up trumps when she spotted these beautifully decorated 220L plastic kegs.

I have since asked Mauser UK if they could rustle up some of these patterned drums for PurePac… but I think we might be waiting a while for them. Currently, Mauser is focused on developing their recycled plastics layer for when the Plastics Packaging Tax starts in April 2022! On that note, are you up-to-date on the introduction of this new packaging tax?





Photograph courtesy of Lynne Trisic

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