Unique problems for a Thursday – Fire Service Road Closures

The PurePac site saw a dramatic start to the day with six fire engines and multiple support vehicles positioned in our car park, loading and unloading areas. Sadly our neighbour’s warehouse was fully ablaze at 08:04 and smoke was billowing from the roof.

The fire service responded within minutes and immediately closed our road. They commandeered the whole PurePac site, at one point we had a fire engine in our top yard, one on the front loading area and three support vehicles in front of our second warehouse.

Safety was obviously the most important factor, we were happy to do whatever was required to help. However, we were presented with an issue. We had no access to our storage yard and receiving articulated deliveries or dispatching our own vehicles was virtually impossible.

Not wishing to let our customers or suppliers down, we had to offload incoming deliveries at our additional off-site warehouse with the view of bringing the stock to the dedicated storage area later or tomorrow.

Our Warehouse Manager liaised with the fire service in order to get our own fleet out on the road to make customer deliveries, whilst being mindful of the top priority – bringing the fire under control!

Luckily the fire was contained and at 14:45 the fire service and the police were able to leave the site.

PurePac would like to thank the Fire Service for responding so quickly and for their amazing efforts in containing the fire. Their expertise stopped the blaze spreading to the adjoining building and/or to our PurePac yard.





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