Gifting packaging peace of mind

Phew, less than two weeks to go. PurePac will be closing its doors on the evening of 23rd December. Our delivery schedules for the next couple of weeks are looking pretty stacked, we certainly won’t have any spare time to help Santa with any present deliveries this year!

But, we still have some spare capacity. So if you need any breathing space in January for whatever challenges Brexit may bring, we can help. We’re advising our customers to order some backup packaging stock now. Our key manufacturers are all UK based, however, there could be a surge in demand due to other European packaging products being delayed at the border because of the new paperwork processes.

So, give us a call or drop us an email if we can assist you. Although, we can’t guarantee the vehicle in this picture will make the delivery but we’ll do our best! Hohoho, oh sorry too early for that….hahaha!





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