Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you!

Well the time has come to wish all our colleagues and friends a very Merry Christmas. I would like to extend my thanks and good wishes to everyone PurePac works and communicates with, whether that be customers, suppliers, work colleagues or contractors.

You are the foundation of our business and we greatly appreciate you continuing to support us, as we support you.

And it simply would not be a PurePac post without a little reference to packaging, do you like my Chrismas Tree made up of boxes?!?!

PurePac now also supplies boxes, not Christmas boxes, although I am sure I could help next Christmas……we now supply UN boxes 😉

Ps. PurePac will close for the festive period at the end of business on Monday 23rd December, returning on Thursday 2nd January at 8am.

See you all in 2020.





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