I’m missing my team and being in the office!

PurePac continues to be fully operational since the lockdown on 23rd March. All office staff have been working from home since. I would say it took us at least three or more weeks for everyone to settle into their new working routines. We’ve got through it and it’s certainly much easier now. However, although it works, I do feel it is not quite the same. Even with our daily Microsoft Teams video meetings and some new slick operational processes, something is missing.

Having everyone together makes for a more enjoyable working environment, it helps with group problem solving and tasks appear to run more efficiently and smoothly. I also feel work relationships are stronger when you see each other regularly, whether that’s for a quick catch up over a cuppa in the canteen or during a team night out. Both of which aren’t possible right now.

In March we were mid-project on the build of a new office to bring everyone together into one open-plan environment. Now we are planning for everyone to be more spread out across multiple offices. We’re also not looking to bring everyone back to the office until late September, at the very earliest.

This is a big challenge for everyone, as such, I would be genuinely interested to learn about your experiences and plans for moving forward.





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