It’s no tropical retreat but…

a sea of IBCs is my favorite vista!

You might wonder why I keep making such a big deal about stock arriving. When did something trivial become a highlight!? Well, it’s 2021 after all, the era of appreciating the simpler things in life!  

Since the start of the pandemic, our key manufacturers have been operating an order allocation system. Everyone’s allocation is based on their average weekly purchase volumes during 2019. Although this has been restrictive for some, as they can’t increase their order levels, it’s the fairest way to ensure all customers received some stock – rather than just a few taking the majority. Luckily with PurePac being a sizeable IBC distributor, our weekly order volumes are already high, especially as we have accounts with two of the key players.

In addition, to the allocation systems, there have been numerous challenges in respect of stock shortages, production outages, reduced production shifts and reduced transportation options. All of the former are a direct result of mainly the pandemic but also Brexit. PurePac continues to overcome these issues by using our predictive stock software and then having orders spanning as far as eight weeks in advance. You might think eight weeks is not long but cast your mind back to pre-2020 when everyone ordered packaging stock in a just-in-time fashion – long gone are those days!

So, that explains why the IBCs arriving is currently as good as seeing the sun in the sky whilst laying on a beach… well, perhaps not quite! 





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