Keeping it colourful with CurTec 

Today, we’re constructing PurePac walls from CurTec Wide Neck Drums, using our favourite blue tops and red tops. So, who is for full fat blue or do you prefer skimmed red?!

Don’t worry, if you’d rather not choose between blue or red tops, you can make an alternate colour choice. If you are a semi-skimmed person, then you’ll find a perfect green in their standard colour palette. And you can even customise your CurTec drums with one of their standard colours, at no extra cost! 

In fact, much of the CurTec product range can be customised to reflect your corporate identity by changing the colour, embossing the container, incorporating screen printing and/or adding bespoke labelling. And if your brand colours are not part of the standard colour palette, CurTec will happily match colours using commonly used colour charts. Minimum order quantities and additional lead times will apply for the initial set up, but once done, you’ll have ongoing access to your very own colour branded CurTec high performance packaging. 

How’s that for bespoke packaging beauty?





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