Let there be light

I’m an appreciator of the small things in life, they make me happy. For example, I’m still marvelling at our new warehouse roof, although it is rather on the large-size. It’s not really a small thing… Who knows, perhaps lockdown has just made me sad!? Haha.   

The new roof ensures our packaging stock is kept in perfect condition no matter the weather – cool in the heat, warm in the cold and perfectly dry with all this rain. But it offers more than protection, with the brand-new roof lights it lets in much more light than it’s predecessor. It’s now a brighter, lighter and happier environment.

Also, even though we have the latest LED lighting technology, we’ll still decrease energy consumption and do our bit for the environment – whilst saving on our utility bills.

Wow, I never thought I’d hear myself say “I am proud of our new warehouse roof!” Let me know if anything big, small or otherwise is making you proud this week.





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