More PurePac vehicles means more rapid customer deliveries….

This week we proudly took ownership of a brand new, fully PurePac branded DAF curtain sider large goods vehicle.

Increasing the PurePac fleet not only means we are able to service more customer orders, but also schedule deliveries more rapidly and efficiently.

The latest addition to our delivery team, has a Euro 6 engine with much lower emissions.  Primarily focused on reducing nitrogen oxide as well as CO2, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and diesel particulate matter.

This means PurePac are further reducing their impact on the environment whilst offering our customers improved delivery options, particularly important for those of our customers who reside in the Low Emissions Zones (LEZ)

With so much positivity going on, I feel the rain evaporating and the sunshine coming out any minute now….

For packaging deliveries via Euro 6 Low Emission Vehicles, give the PurePac Team a call today 01327 310 464.





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