Our First Successful Northern Ireland Delivery

And how to make yours less stressful!

Another new milestone… we completed our first delivery to Northern Ireland without any issues or incurring extra charges. I’m particularly relieved as the prospect of paying £80 per pallet per day until the paperwork was correctly submitted was quite a costly prospect.

As an importer we already have an EORI number, however then we had to register for the TSS (Trade Support Service). Thankfully this was quick and easy. Once registered the TSS is a free service, which completes declarations on your behalf.  Especially helpful to companies like ourselves that have no exports – not that exporting is the correct phrase from NI deliveries!

We now have all the tools needed for our next movement of goods to NI, our registrations, commercial invoices and packing lists are all waiting at the ready!

We don’t charge for the extra admin involved in processing NI deliveries, nor does our shipper.  Plus, now we know how to complete the submissions correctly, we shouldn’t experience any delivery delays, in fact, this particular shipment arrived within 48 hours, door to door.

Although PurePac was fully prepared for the process, I think a key consideration to avoid costly delays when delivering to your customers in Northern Ireland is making sure you have sight of your customer’s EORI and TSS numbers.  As your customer’s numbers are just as critical to the process as your details.

Next on the list, bringing goods back from NI to England. Hopefully, the process will be just as straightforward in reverse – hmmm forward and reverse? Maybe that’s not the correct terminology to use… hah. 





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