Packaging geek in Portugal

There’s still life in the old IBCs

After 25 months of no holidays, our Accounts Manager Lynne managed to squeeze in two holidays in just six months! Good for her, I’m also hoping to book a summer holiday soon too.

Lynne jetted off to the sunny climes of Portugal last week. When she was walking around the resort, she spotted this IBC hiding in a basement! Upon taking a closer look she found that it was rather tired and tatty looking, however, it was still serving a good purpose…catching the drips from the air conditioning unit above! It shows that IBCs offer longevity and people continue to find all manner of uses for them. In this instance, without the specially positioned IBC the basement may become waterlogged.

With Plastic Packaging Tax being a hot topic right now, it’s good to see how packaging reuse and repurposing can continue to help the planet.

Have you spotted any unique uses for packaging lately?





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