Packaging geek strikes again

My inner packaging geek is missing spotting IBCs, drums, kegs, jerrycans and CurTec containers in wonderful and strange places. Working from home and travelling to and from the office just once a week, whilst visiting only the supermarket at the weekends really doesn’t provide me with many opportunities to eagle eye some unusual packaging antics.

That said, I did leap off the sofa last night whilst catching up on SAS: Who Dares Wins when I spotted an IBC being used to supply outdoor toilets and showers with water. PurePac often supplies many of the UK based movie/film studios with IBCs or Drums for props. However, alas – on this occasion we cannot claim fame!

Here are a few of my favourites, from left to right – a solitary IBC in a Peak District field; a CurTec wide neck drum in a Mallorcan fishing shop; a plastic tighthead drum on approach to an Ibiza beach and finally an IBC turned into a tabletop on a beach in Greece.

After reminiscing over these pictures, my inner packaging nerd is hoping to add some more to my collection very soon! 





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