Packed out with Pharmaceutical Packaging

Phew, another shipment from CurTec International makes it through customs without any delays. We’re certainly getting a good handle on the new importing processes now. Which is great news as it means we are continuing to smoothly service our key customer accounts, as well as winning new business.

This month we added two more CurTec product lines, one being the 40L Nestable Drums. We already stock the XL Nestable Drums in both the 120L and 150L sizes. Now we are looking to expand into the smaller sizes of 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L and 75L. The expansion into the smaller sizes is a result of winning new business in the pharmaceutical sector.  

These Nestable Drums take up around half the volume when nested, meaning they require much less storage and transportation space when empty, resulting in significant cost savings during storage periods and each logistics cycle. This means PurePac can also increase its stock holdings without eating up vast amounts of valuable storage space. Look how neatly we can pack them away, you would never guess there were well over 400 drums there!  We certainly couldn’t say the same for our IBCs.

Manufacturers looking to meet their sustainability and efficiency targets would greatly benefit from considering the Nestable Drum range. The nestable factor directly maximises the amount of packaging that can be delivered on large goods vehicles, thus reducing the number of required deliveries and ultimately reducing emissions and your carbon footprint.

What do you think about the nestable factor, could you benefit from this unique feature? Get in touch to find out more.





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