Phew – EU Imports Start Rolling In

The first few weeks of 2021 have been nothing short of a high-speed roller coaster ride – with so many dippers and loop the loops, my head is quite nearly in a spin.

We have worked hard to understand the new importing process, along with the tariff codes, forms and HMRC paperwork. Following which, I’m pleased to report as of last week our first two shipments from the Netherlands made their way through customs with no issues, delays or additional charges. Meaning our CurTec products arrived safe and sound.

This was a huge relief, as I am all too aware of other businesses experiencing significant hold-ups and very costly unexpected charges.

The smooth arrival of our goods is credited to our newly appointed broker, Nikki Ashwell at InExpress. Nikki has provided excellent customer service with timely and detailed information at every stage of the process. However, this is not the end of our new learning curve, as now our Accounts Team are currently deploying a software upgrade to allow for all the new import paperwork and reporting.

Thank you again for your support Nikki, I’m sure the roller coaster will become a more enjoyable ride with you onboard!





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