Presenting our Top Selling IBC of 2019

Santa and Rudolph are not the only busy ones in December….. PurePure have also been rushed off their feet preparing the last few orders of 2019 and making sure everything is delivered before Christmas Eve.

I really can’t believe another year is nearly over and what a year 2019 has been. We have certainly had some crazy months, particularly in March and October, seeing over 50% more orders going out the door… two guesses for the reasons behind that!

As a key stockist and distributor for Schutz and Mauser, we process hundreds of IBCs for shipping every day of the week. Whether they are reconditioned IBCs, rebottled or brand new, we pride ourselves on having plenty of different models in stock for our customers to choose from.

Reconditioned IBCs will always be our overall fastest and highest selling product, as many people take advantage of the attractive price point and also want to do their bit when it comes to recycling and reuse.

However, with stronger legislation in the food industry, the Schutz Foodgrade IBC has become our highest selling IBC model amongst the new IBC range. This is a result of many customers making the transition from standard new IBCs to brand new Foodgrade IBCs accompanied by the FSSC certification.

What has been your highest selling product this year and why?





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