Traceability System

PurePac Ltd track all waste via the following processes:

  • All used packaging collection requests are logged on a dedicated CRM system;
  • Used packaging collections are scheduled with logistics and booked in with the collection site;
  • Collection paperwork and instructions are issued to the driver;
  • The driver issues the collection site with a Waste Transfer Note;
  • Copies of all WTNs are held at PurePac’s offices;
  • For many customers, summary spreadsheets are maintained containing details of collection dates, items and quantities for an annual period.  These spreadsheets are issued to the used packaging suppliers on a monthly and annual basis;
  • Summary spreadsheets are also issued to the used packaging supplier accounts team in order that relevant invoices can be raised and settled;
  • All packaging suitable for reconditioning is resold, delivery notes and accounting systems track all quantities;
  • All packaging unsuitable for reconditioning are sold to reputable plastic and/or metal dealers.  Delivery notes and accounting systems track all quantities

PurePac are regularly audited by the Environment Agency and use approved/recommended dealers for their recycling services.