PurePac doing the Twist, Click and Shout

PurePac is doing the twist and shout about the CurTec Click Pack container range. We genuinely can’t praise this container highly enough and so many of our customers are raving about them…aka the modern version of the rock n roll. 

Click Pack is the first UN certified pail with a quarter-turn screw lid closure and locking button. Opening and closing is fast and easy. To close the Click Pack, just give the lid a quarter turn (or twist if we are still on the rock ‘n roll version) until it clicks and locks. To open, simply press the locking button and turn.

The containers are not only easy to handle but the integrated gasket also offers a barrier against moisture ingress – when rockin’ and rolling you need to keep the moisture under control. 

And if that wasn’t enough to get you up on your feet, the containers have tapered walls so they can be nested inside each other, increasing efficiency for transportation and warehousing space – ultimately reducing costs…now that is really something to shout about!

Let’s see/hear your twist and shout if you want to find out more about the CurTec product range.





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