PurePac’s Top Movers of 2020

At this time of the yearI would normally be thinking – I cannot believe another year is over. This year like many of you, I’ve been thinking – I really can’t wait for 2020 to be over!

Each year-end, I study purchasing reports to see which product is still in the top spot. The mighty IBC is consistently the winner and usually by a very long way. Reconditioned, rebottled and new IBCs are always our biggest moving products. However, during 2020 Jerrycans were making a serious challenge for the No1 position.

As the pandemic unfolded and the nation began to do their utmost to protect themselves, we saw an almighty surge in demand for smaller containers. Jerrycans were the ideal option to quickly and efficiently distribute large volumes to multiple locations of cleaning products, disinfectants and of course our new best friend… hand sanitiser! The demand for Jerrycans has continued and I doubt it will subside as we all become more obsessed with cleanliness.

What has been your highest selling product this year and why?





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