R U OK Day…

The importance of talking

This week one of the PurePac team has sadly been affected by suicide and has needed to take time away from work. We are of course supporting our colleague and making sure we’re there for them. The details are so very sad.

I truly believe a conversation with someone can make a huge difference. We should never underestimate our ability to communicate and have a positive impact on another human being and it doesn’t have to be a conversation…. a smile is also a great way to communicate. I always make the effort to say hello and smile to people who pass me, it makes me feel brighter when someone reciprocates, and I hope they feel the same.

The timings of this week’s R U OK Day are quite poignant, it has made me really think about how suicides happen and often with no warning signs. So, let’s support ‘R U OK Day’, I’m fully on board and will make more effort to check in on people.

I hope you’re doing OK today.





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