Reconditioned IBC Shortages

Our top yard has been looking rather sparse over the last few weeks. We are hoping as lockdown lifts and more businesses become operational we’ll see lots of used IBCs coming through our gates for reconditioning.  I’m positive this will be the case, it happened when the first lockdown lifted last summer.

The shortages are a result of lockdown affecting usage levels but also of Covid impacting manufacturing outputs due to reduced staffing. Another contributing factor is the relentless price increases incurred during this first quarter, IBC manufacturers have been hit by a ‘double whammy’ with both steel and polymer prices rocketing weekly. 

Any price increases on new IBCs automatically make reconditioned IBCs more attractive as the gap between the two price points continues to widen.  Meaning, customers can benefit from up to a 50 per cent saving when purchasing used compared to new – so they are pretty much flying out of the warehouse!

Although demand is currently outstripping available supply, we’re still fulfilling orders, we just need a little more notice on our normal lead times.  So, if you need any reconditioned IBCs please let our team know. Or, even better still if we can help with taking away your used IBCs please give us a call – I want to see our yard bursting at the seams again!





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