Schutz Launch New Peelable IBC Outlet Valve Seal

All Schutz IBCs currently come with a foil seal which has to be cut to enable its removal from the outlet valve prior to decanting. This has presented manufacturers with daily operational concerns for example; the need to have additional equipment at hand, like sharp implements for cutting.   The cutting of the foil could then result in the foil coming into contact with the filling material, particularly if aluminum residues are still present on the outlet valve.

Schutz have introduced a new practical solution – the peelable seal.   This seal consists of several layers of high-quality materials, mainly PET and combines easy handling with increased quality protection. The new seal is also material-compliant for contact with food.

Easy to use The handling concept is extremely user-friendly; the round seal can simply be peeled off by hand, without the need for any additional tools.    A tab on the upper half is lifted and pulled to one side, thus removing the seal completely.   Resulting in no accumulation of filling material behind remnants of the seal as there are no longer any seal remnants.

Tamper Evident Benefits The new peelable seal offers additional tamper evident benefits, making it impossible to discharge any of the filling material without first removing/destroying the seal. This means operatives can see at a glance whether the outlet valve of the IBC has been opened or not.

The new peelable seal is a great step forward, especially combined with the new safeguard value which can be opened and operated by hand.  The Schutz IBC really is a first-class packaging product.

The new peelable seal is being gradually introduced to all Schutz IBCs with the aim of full standardisation by October 2019.  If you would like to learn more about the Schutz IBCs give the PurePac team a call today 01327 310 464.

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