Your Used Packaging

Many businesses wrongly believe that they have to pay for their empty drums and IBC tanks to be taken away. This empty packaging can actually have a value and your business can derive extra revenue from it.

PurePac collect empty IBCs, plastic and steel drums free of charge and may also PAY YOU for them (within a 100 mile radius of the Midlands. T&Cs apply, please see the details below*).

Simply give us a call or drop us an email, providing us with a few simple pieces of information: type of packaging, what substance it contained, quantity and your location. We will give you a revenue estimate and arrange a collection*, all you need to do is send us your invoice.

Why pay someone to take them away, when you can get money in the bank for your used packaging.

*Please note packaging has to be empty with minimal residue, must be in a condition suitable for recycling and cannot have previously contained hazardous materials. Not all packaging will qualify for rebates. To qualify for free collection, minimum quantities will be applicable. If the packaging fails to meet the criteria we will be happy to organise disposal services.  The collection service is operated within a 100 mile radius of the PurePac site.  Please call or email the PurePac Team to discuss your requirements.