Reconditioned IBCs & Laundered IBCs

PurePac offers reconditioned products and laundering services which are second to none.

Our reconditioned IBCs go through a 7-Stage process, including specialist leak testing procedures. This process is not driven by automated factory production lines; we are hands on at every single stage of the process, which is why the quality of our output is extremely high and surpasses many (if not all) of our competitors. In fact, we have known customers who have tried other suppliers but who quickly returned to PurePac, and stayed.

Reconditioned products are various types of plastic and steel packaging which can go through a specialist cleaning/reconditioning process in order to be re-used – avoiding the higher costs involved in purchasing brand new packaging.

Our laundered IBCs service is bespoke to our customers. Many of our customers have packaging they need to use time and time again, but it needs to be reconditioned before they can reuse it. We collect the packaging and return it to our PurePac purpose built premises, where it is taken through the 7-Stage reconditioning process.  We offer bespoke collection schedules together with labelling and tracking systems, enabling immediate identification of each specific container once returned to each customer.