Repairs & Rebottling

The PurePac team are highly skilled at repairing and rebottling IBC Tanks.

The rebottling of IBC Tanks is a process whereby the old inner/bottle is removed and recycled. The cage is reconditioned, a brand new bottle is fitted in the reconditioned cage, and it is then leak tested to ensure no damage has occurred during the rebottling process.

Rebottled IBCs Tanks have the benefit of being far more cost effective than an entirely new unit. Many of our customers who need to use new IBCs for production reasons are now purchasing rebottled IBCs, due to their competitive price point and their immediate availability.

PurePac stock Natural Rebottled IBCs, these are extremely popular as such please call the PurePac Team to discuss  your Rebottled IBC requirements.

Did you know? – you should use black IBCs if you are storing any products which are susceptible to UV ray degradation. The black polymer in the IBC bottle blocks the UV rays from entering the IBC protecting the products inside.