Show me a Sign…..a PurePac Sign

Since moving our main offices to the new building we found that everyone was still going to our old reception. So to help swiftly greet our incoming warehouse deliveries, smaller parcel arrivals and now a tiny trickle of visitors (hello normality!) we have some new signs to point everyone in the right direction – Visitors at Thistle House and goods in and out at the Baird Building.

It seems to be doing the trick, with our hauliers now pressing the buzzer for the warehouse and our visitors and parcel deliveries coming over to our new reception, where they are treated to a smiling Susie – yay another milestone, Susie is back in the office.

Now we just need to get everyone back to the office and have one of our big fancy signs to go at the top of the new building – more things to look forward to and hopefully more smiles all around. 





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