Speaking up. PurePac on the Industry Pulse

I’ve recently been asked to join the newly formed Industry Pulse Research Panel to give my opinions on how the Government could best support businesses in the future. I have many years of experience at completing compulsory Government Office for National Statistics surveys. One year I did six and they’re time consuming! So my initial reaction to joining this research panel was “I haven’t got time for this.” 

However, as I gave the invitation more consideration, it dawned upon me, it was a good opportunity to have my say. So I’ve signed up to the panel and I am now eagerly looking forward to getting stuck into the research projects including the post-Brexit transition.

Lately, I’ve attended many Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy live webinars, all of which I’ve found helpful. So I hope to lend a helping hand in return by giving up some of my time. Plus in the future, if I’m unhappy about new government policies or how businesses are treated, I can at least think to myself “I did take the time to get involved and I voice my own opinion”.





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