IBC of wonder, IBC of might – IBC lighting up the night!

Yesterday I had a little festive family treat with my daughter, we went to Blenheim Palace….It was magical. 

First was a tour inside the palace, this year the theme was Alice in the Palace. Every single room was dedicated to sections of the book – the Rabbit’s House, the drink me potions, the Dodo, the Queen of Hearts, a 10ft tall table with a huge key, flamingo and hedgehog croquet. And the most spectacular of all, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with the white roses being painted red!!

We then went onto taking a tour of the gardens. I had never visited Blenheim Palace previously so I thought this would be a 10-15 walk…Wow, one and a half hours later, we had only walked through just a small part of the grounds. Each area had been meticulously decorated with illuminations of all shapes and sizes. We were also treated to Christmas tunes, light routines and a multi-coloured, fast flowing waterfall.

But the best bit of all was spotting some alternative use IBCs……my geeky packaging spotter hat always comes out! Don’t they look beautiful?!

A solid piece of wood fixed to the top of these reconditioned IBCs, making them into a drinks table. Keeping with the illumination theme, they have been fitted with colour changing lights.

As much as I like to have a little chuckle, I honestly think it is great that packaging is being re-formed and re-used, it is great for the environment – good job Blenheim Palace and happy Christmas.





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