The Early Bird Catches 56 Worms….sorry 56 IBCs!

At 07:00 hrs this morning, the skies were blue and the warehouse was to be topped up to the rafters again!! 

I saw the warehouse in full swing with the first of many deliveries due in today. 

Our key hauliers use additional trailers which means we can fit 56 IBCs instead of the usual 52 units on a vehicle.

The minute these 56 brand new IBCs were off-loaded into our warehouse, the vehicle was sent round to our production warehouse to be reloaded.   Within the hour,  56 New IBCs were stacked in our dedicated new packaging warehouse and 56 Reconditioned IBCs were loaded up from our production facility and headed off to Hull.

PurePac not only ensures their own fleet are never on the road empty, delivering new packaging whilst collecting empty packaging.   We also work seamlessly with our hauliers who deliver in from the manufacturers,  providing them with as many back loads as possible.

This means we have a great relationship with our external hauliers,  enabling us to offer our customers the best possible prices and customer service, whilst reducing our impact on the environment – all at the same time. 

It’s an all round win, win!

If you need new or reconditioned IBCs, in large or small quantities, make sure you give the PurePac team a call today, we’ll be sure to offer you a great price with excellent customer service.






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