The Evolution of Packaging Code

What does the W in a UN mark stand for?

High performance packaging manufacturer CurTec has recently added a new packaging type to its UN markings. The usual “1H2” code which represents open head plastic drums or pails has been expanded with a “W”. This packaging type applies to the new Square drums – But why?

The packaging code can be concluded with several letters. The letter “T” indicates a salvage packaging which has passed additional testing and can be used to pack leaking packaging.

The letter “V” points to a special packaging that meets several additional demands to make it suitable as overpack for any type of inner package without additional testing.

The letter “W” finally indicates that packaging of a certain type (e.g. 1H2) is manufactured differently than described in the regulation but can be considered equivalent. In this case, manufactured differently means according to a different procedure or with a slightly different shape.

A Square Drum is equivalent to a Wide Neck Drum in every respect with the exception of the flattened sides. For this reason, the UN markings for the Square Drum contain a 1H2W code.

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