The PurePac energy keeps growing just like our team – Welcome Louise

This week I was paid a great compliment by one of our manufacturers “Sylvia, your energy is therapeutic for me ”.  I immediately identified with this statement, I find being energetic gives me positivity and focuses the mind.

PurePac’s energy continues to grow daily, gaining more customers and increased business opportunities.  The pace we’re growing at means that we’re constantly developing and improving our internal procedures, adding additional levels to our customer service processes, with the view of providing a seamless experience for our customers.  Ultimately, we see ourselves as part of our customers’ team, being proactive in managing their stocks levels, predicting, forecasting and pre-empting orders and delivery schedules for them.

To enable PurePac to offer the highest-level customer experience, we need a great team, one that is dedicated to each of our customer accounts.   Therefore, we are pleased to announce the appointment of another member of our Customer Orders Processing team.   Louise has been with us since February in a temporary role to provide extra cover during a very busy period.  This busy period doesn’t look like it is going to slow down anytime soon, so we decided to ask Louise to stay and she said – Yes.

So for great quality packaging products delivered with great quality service, give PurePac a call today.

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