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The world is getting smaller. Every day, the UK receives produce from Chile, clothes from Bangladesh and electrical items from South Korea. These products often arrive via air-freight and have to do so safely and in good condition.

We all know the feeling of ‘ears popping’ on flights and how packets of crisps balloon as we reach the maximum altitude at 36,000 ft. Well, that has the same effect on some of the plastic drums that are used to ship products by air-freight, sometimes with negative consequences!

When a plane reaches high altitude, small molecules of air find their way out of what we think of as tightly sealed drums…the more air in a container, the more that will find its way out. When the plane comes into land, the air isn’t so easily flowing back into the container – making it look misshapen or ‘imploded’.

CurTec, the market leaders of UN certified rigid plastic containers for pharma and speciality chemical applications, has many clients who ship their products in by air. So CurTec were understandably keen to help them find a solution which:

Fulfils IATA requirements (air-freight)

Adheres to UN requirements – United Nations packaging standards

Maintain Moisture Vapour Transmission Rates (MVTR)

Within the pharmaceutical market, customers use ASTM D4169-16 to validate the performance of the drums during transport and specifically, test method D6653 which describes how “Low Pressure (High Altitude) Hazard” is tested. This was the challenge they set out to meet.

After many months of testing and identifying the right solution, CurTec is proud to offer the CurTec Click Pack X or Y container which is available with a valve/vent to allow the shipment of products by air-freight and which complies fully with IATA, UN requirements and also protects products from moisture degradation. Over the coming months, CurTec will role this vent out across its wider product range. We’ll keep you posted as developments happen.

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