The sun is out and packaging is going out…

I thought the expression was “Suns out, guns out” 😀

But instead of guns (better known as biceps) on this gloriously sunny day, we have a full artic load of PurePac packaging going out the door. PurePac packaging looks just as impressive as pecks to me…rippling chest muscles or barrels – Hmm, let me think about that one?!

With all the issues surrounding the transport sector right now, we are doing our utmost to keep our orders moving and most importantly arriving with our customers. We run our own PurePac fleet, but we also use external hauliers and the pallet network to bolster our delivery options, especially when we are so rushed off our feet, like now.

A big thank you to BSI/UPN for continuing to provide the best service they can in these very challenging transport times.





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