Did you survive ‘Blue Monday’?

The latest version of the ‘January Blues’, is now known as ‘Blue Monday’. The new term is the theory of the psychologist, Cliff Arnall.

Arnall devised a formula which combines factors such as – time since Christmas, the weather and motivation levels. These combined are said to make the third Monday in January the most depressing of the whole the year!

However, the actual term ‘Blue Monday’ was originally created in 2005 by Sky Travel, apparently as the perfect day to book a holiday.

No time for holidays around here and how could we be blue when we have so many IBC orders…So much so they are arriving daily in multiple artic loads.

Today we saw Schutz IBCs arriving on one vehicle, loaded directly onto a PurePac vehicle, ready to go straight out for a customer delivery.

So, even though our favourite colour is (PurePac) blue, we rarely feel it. Even on a grey, foggy day in January. 🙂





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