We’re going to build a wall…..An IBC wall!

Don’t worry, just having a little fun here.  I’m not being political in any way.  It’s just one of those memes that spread like wildfire on social media and you can still hear the words in your head, hours, days and even weeks after hearing them. 

Also when I arrived at the office yesterday, I was met with the sight shown in the picture.  The memes I’d seen before immediately sprang to mind.

I certainly didn’t ask the team to build a real wall of IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) although I am sure they’d like to stack ’em high and wide – they’d make great walls. 

IBCs whether they’re new, rebottled, reconditioned or recycled IBC’s are certainly PurePac’s biggest moving product.  It’s strange to think that they only came to life in the early 1990s.  Twenty years after our company first started reconditioning and recycling steel and plastic drums.

As funny as it sounds, I cannot imagine a life without IBC’s.  I mean, I doubt that a drum wall would be quite as impressive and we certainly couldn’t hit a 4 metre high with drums.

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