When negative creates positive

How COVID-19 changed our business processes for the better….

During lockdown, we saw lead-times from our key manufacturers go from 5-7 working days to over six working weeks. The impact of these increased lead-times on our operations, stock levels and ultimately managing our customer accounts was extremely challenging…to say the least!

Customers began to place their orders with us for two months in advance. Meaning we had to place our orders three or more months in advance. There was simply no more room on our supplier order board. Juggling orders against pending stock became an unsurmountable task which meant we had to take some decisive action or errors were inevitable. We immediately commissioned Brightwell Consulting to develop a bespoke software programme to do the juggling for us. 

I can’t praise the team at Brightwell Consulting enough. Now, when I look back, I can’t believe what a huge step forward the new software is for our business. Creating different stock juggling scenarios, changing stock arrival dates/quantities or moving customer orders around and seeing the impact on our stock availability is now a ‘piece of cake.’

Has the pandemic changed the way you work for the better? I’d love to hear about your experiences.





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