Another Great Year for PurePac

Another great year for PurePac Ltd, with IBCs moving into more market sectors than ever before.  The depth and breadth of PurePac’s customer base has never been so vast and so interesting.

It never ceases to amaze the PurePac team who and why companies buy IBCs.  Whether it be Reconditioned IBCs, Rebottled IBC or Brand New 1,000L IBCs, the uses and applications for them are endless.  From recycling companies, green fuel, the chemical industries, to the pharmaceutical corporations, not forgetting Hollywood movies, event companies, food manufacturers, own label chemical processers and our biggest growing sector of all the soft and alcoholic drinks market place.

PurePac have supplied a huge range of stainless steel IBCs into the brewing and drink manufacturing sectors, as well as the standard Schutz and Mauser IBCs.  The funny thing is, PurePac have not gone out to find a single piece of this business, it keeps finding us, every day we receive numerious new enquiries from this sector….maybe they think we know a thing or two about drink!!

So with another great year behind us, let’s hope it is a IBC Happy 2015 for all of us, with a few more drinks orders along the way!

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