Our large product stockholding, means customers can benefit from immediate availability of key manufacturer's products.

PurePac Ltd stock a range of brand new plastic kegs and drums from 30L to 200L as well as many different models of 200L steel drums.

PurePac Ltd will collect and dispose of your used packaging, we can process 1,000L IBC containers as well as 200L plastic and steel drums.

PurePac Ltd offer a vast range of new packaging products from 1L Jerrycans through to 1,000L IBC tanks. Many are stock items.

Our Reconditioned IBCs are second to none, we are hands on at each stage of the reconditioning process, ensuring the highest quality.

Latest News

Keeping it colourful with CurTec 

Today, we're constructing PurePac walls from CurTec Wide Neck Drums, using our favourite blue tops and red tops. So, who is for full fat blue or do you prefer skimmed red?! Don't worry, if you'd rather not choose between...

The good, the bad and the ugly….

I recently said to one of my key customers “the last six months have been the hardest period of my working career ever!”  The pandemic has nothing on the challenges PurePac now faces daily....

Industry Insights, April 2022

The pains of the packaging sector. Most businesses are working through turbulent and evermore unpredictable operational conditions. The manufacturing sector continues...

Filling up fast!

As expected the Mauser 30L Dual Cert 30L Kegs haven't been lonely for long! Our new warehouse is filling up fast with foodgrade IBCs, both Schutz and Mauser. This week we've also taken delivery of 220L ...

Packaging geek in Portugal

After 25 months of no holidays, our Accounts Manager Lynne managed to squeeze in two holidays in just six months! Good for her, I'm also hoping to book a summer holiday soon too....

Meet Maria…

As well as warehouses (we now have three) we're also growing our team.  Welcome Maria Liciu, our new Sales and Quotations Assistant, who joined the PurePac sales team last week. From the moment I met Maria, ...

And we’re in!

Phew, what a week. We've finally moved into our new warehouse; it's been a big effort but it's a relief too. At the beginning of the year, we literally ran out of storage space, we’ve had weeks of warehouse 'Tetris', wondering '...

PurePac is ‘springing’ into expansion

Spike has been busy unloading a large consignment of CurTec Click Pack Drums in various sizes as well as CurTec Wide Neck, Total Opening and Packo containers. ...

Warning…. Political Post

Is our freedom under threat? What do you think? Like many of you, I‘m worried and anxious about current political events. Whilst keeping up with the commodities indices and ...

With less than one month to go…

this is the question I get asked most about Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT). Since my last post on PTT, I’ve been asked lots of questions regarding what packaging items will be liable for the new tax ...

Taking a Pause

This week I was planning to provide more details on the pending Plastic Packaging Tax (PTT) however, I feel it can wait, so I am taking a pause.  Today my main thoughts and prayers continue to be for world peace. ...

What goes up must come down….

but does this apply to surging energy prices? Over the last few months, we have been experiencing an energy cost crisis in Europe influenced by a wide variety of factors, I’m sure you are aware of the key ones....

PurePac are an approved distributor of market leading new packaging including new IBCs, steel drums, plastic drums and plastic containers in various sizes.

New IBC Tanks / IBC Containers

We offer a selection of new IBC tanks and IBC containers including Schütz IBCs and Mauser IBC containers. If you are buying IBC tanks in bulk or require a product which is not listed on the website, please contact us. More IBC tanks / containers

Reconditioned IBC Tanks / Rebottled IBC Containers

Our reconditioned IBCs have been cleaned to the highest standards using a hands on process from start to finish. We have weekly incoming stock of both reconditioned and rebottled IBC tanks, however, they do go quickly so call us now for availability. More reconditioned IBC’s

Stainless Steel IBC Tanks

Our Stainless Steel IBC’s are made to specification. All our Stainless Steel IBCs are made to order with a choice of accessories and manufactured to the highest quality standards. More Stainless Steel IBC’s

Plastic Drums & Steel Drums

Plastic drums available from 60L to 220L. We have 200L and 210L steel drums available online. Both our plastic drums and steel drums are available in large and small order quantities and can be made to specific requirements. More plastic drums | steel drums.

Reconditioning & Laundering

Reconditioning and laundering of IBC containers

New Packaging

Photo of new packaging and new IBCs

Used Packaging

Photo of used packaging IBCs

Repairs & Rebottling

Photo of repair and rebottling IBCs
Packaging Stocks

Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) begins on 1st April 2022.  PurePac is unable to absorb the additional tax, meaning the cost of the tax will be added to each liable product with prices increasing from 1st April onwards.


High demand means all packaging stocks are moving fast.  If you require out of stock items or larger quantities than available on the website, please call the PurePac Order Processing Team on 01327 310 464.   Our team will be sure to assist you in regards to stock arrival dates, advanced stock allocation and preferential prices.