Our large product stockholding, means customers can benefit from immediate availability of key manufacturer's products.

PurePac Ltd stock a range of brand new plastic kegs and drums from 30L to 200L as well as many different models of 200L steel drums.

PurePac Ltd will collect and dispose of your used packaging, we can process 1,000L IBC containers as well as 200L plastic and steel drums.

PurePac Ltd offer a vast range of new packaging products from 1L Jerrycans through to 1,000L IBC tanks. Many are stock items.

Our Reconditioned IBCs are second to none, we are hands on at each stage of the reconditioning process, ensuring the highest quality.

Latest News

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Ever-Evolving Software

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We made it… HNY

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Happy Christmask!

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PurePac’s Top Movers of 2020

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Gifting packaging peace of mind

Phew, less than two weeks to go. PurePac will be closing its doors on the evening of 23rd December. Our delivery schedules for the next couple of weeks are looking pretty stacked, we certainly...

Team ‘Put Them Up Early’

As mentioned before I'm 100% on team - put the decorations up early this year. Job done! Both receptions are decorated, as well as one of the new offices. I feel so much brighter for it. These next few weeks are going to be a ...

PurePac are an approved distributor of market leading new packaging including new IBCs, steel drums, plastic drums and plastic containers in various sizes.

New IBC Tanks / IBC Containers

We offer a selection of new IBC tanks and IBC containers including Schütz IBCs and Mauser IBC containers. If you are buying IBC tanks in bulk or require a product which is not listed on the website, please contact us. More IBC tanks / containers

Reconditioned IBC Tanks / Rebottled IBC Containers

Our reconditioned IBCs have been cleaned to the highest standards using a hands on process from start to finish. We have weekly incoming stock of both reconditioned and rebottled IBC tanks, however, they do go quickly so call us now for availability. More reconditioned IBC’s

Stainless Steel IBC Tanks

Our Stainless Steel IBC’s are made to specification. All our Stainless Steel IBCs are made to order with a choice of accessories and manufactured to the highest quality standards. More Stainless Steel IBC’s

Plastic Drums & Steel Drums

Plastic drums available from 60L to 220L. We have 200L and 210L steel drums available online. Both our plastic drums and steel drums are available in large and small order quantities and can be made to specific requirements. More plastic drums | steel drums.

Reconditioning & Laundering

Reconditioning and laundering of IBC containers

New Packaging

Photo of new packaging and new IBCs

Used Packaging

Photo of used packaging IBCs

Repairs & Rebottling

Photo of repair and rebottling IBCs
Fully Operational

As a key supplier to the critical supply chain for food, drink, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers, PurePac will continue to be fully operational.

Please be assured Government guidance and safety measures are fundamental to our day-to-day operations.  All staff who are not required to be on site will continue to work from home.

COVID-19 continues to impact packaging lead times. In addition to COVID-19 challenges a vast array of raw material suppliers are declaring force majeures.  Steel and polymer shortages are resulting in manufacturing delays of up to 5-6 weeks. PurePac continues to carry good volumes of many stock lines, however we would still strongly recommend you provide our Order Processing Team with as much notice as possible. Please email admin@purepac.co.uk

Everyone at PurePac sends you our best wishes. Stay Safe. Stay Well.